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OECS OER Textbook and Repository

This repository contains open education resources (OER) selected to support the Caribbean Examinations Council’s (CXC) CSEC curricula for secondary education. These open materials are quality resources that support the achievement of specific objectives. In time the repository and online textbook will also support the CCSLC and CAPE curricula. These OER have been selected by both education experts and students who have found them worthy of study. The search facility above can be used to identify specific resources according to topic, resource type or objective.

In addition to this repository, however, these same resources stored here are used in the OECS learner management system to provide structure and sequence to the materials. Used in a particular way the resources can be compiled into a comprehensive text or course that leads the user to a full mastery of an entire subject. Education experts and students have worked to organise the resources into a sequence that encourages mastery of the knowledge, skills and values contained within the curricula. The OECS Learner Management System can be accessed here.

The two pieces of technology, the repository and the learner management system, work together to provide the next generation of teachers and students with access to free quality resources and also a suggested interactive learning pathway.

This repository is organised by the Education Development Unit (EDMU), a unit of the OECS. The EDMU operates as a professional customer-needs-driven organisation, providing the best mix of integrative solutions in education reform while promoting and encouraging the full participation of Member States. Our guiding philosophy affirms that all children can learn, are valuable and have a right to an education. We recognize that the importance of Early Childhood Education in the future development of the child and member states. We recognize the importance of an education that develops the child socially, culturally, intellectually and physically. We are further guided by the knowledge of the value of education and its contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of our countries.

Our mission

The mission of the EDMU is:
“To be a professional service organization, facilitating and coordinating initiatives in education that add value to the development process in OECS Member States.”